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Descendants of John nowlin

Ninth Generation

29. Bryant Nowlin Captain (Abraham Nowlin , David Nowlin , Stephen Nowlin , James NOWLAN I , John Nowlin , Patrick Nowlin , Daniel , John ) was born about 1803 in Oakville,Buckingham Co.,Virginia. He died on 4 Mar 1860. He was buried in Rt. 26,Oakville,Appomattox Co.,Virginia.


Bryant married Anne Boothe Davies Spencer daughter of Mace Clement Spencer Dr. and Maria Elizabeth Walker on 19 Nov 1834 in Oakville,Buckingham Co.,Virginia. Anne was born about 1825 in Oakville,Buckingham Co.,Virginia. She died on 25 Jan 1857.


Bryant and Anne had the following children:

  30 F i Virginia Catherine nowlin was born in 1835 in Oakville,Appomattox Co.,Virginia. She died on 15 Nov 1911 in Lynchburg,Virginia. She was buried in SPOUT SPRING,Appomattox Co.,Virginia.
        Virginia married John Powell Hughes on 24 Apr 1856.
  31 F ii Maria Elizabeth nowlin was born in 1838 in Oakville,Appomattox Co.,Virginia.
        Maria married Samuel Henry Overton.
  32 F iii Julia Spencer nowlin was born in Oakville,Appomattox Co.,Virginia. [Notes]
  33 M iv John Henry nowlin was born on 9 May 1839 in Oakville,Appomattox Co.,Virginia. He died on 14 Jun 1901 in Oakville,Appomattox Co.,Virginia. [Notes]
        John married Sarah Louise Woodson.
  34 M v William Clement nowlin was born in Oakville,Appomattox Co.,Virginia. He died on 5 Jul 1925 in Lynchburg,Virginia.
        William married Eugenia Winifred Watkins about 1878. Eugenia died on 30 Jul 1914 in SPOUT SPRING. [Notes]
  35 M vi Mace Bryant nowlin was born on 24 Jan 1847 in Oakville,Appomattox Co.,Virginia. He died on 7 Feb 1847. [Notes]
+ 36 M vii Samuel Walker Nowlin Sr. was born in 1843. He died on 29 Oct 1915.

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