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Descendants of John nowlin


29. Bryant Nowlin Captain

Buckingham County became Appomattox in 1835.

Anne Boothe Davies Spencer

Obituary found in Lynchburg Virginian, 15 Feb 1847 reads:
Died, on Maonday, the 25th of January, about 4 o'clock, Mrs. Ann B. D.
Nowlin wife of Captain Bryant Nowlin, in her 33rd year. Mrs. Nowlin had
been a member of the Church for many years before her death, and had
led a very exemplary and pious life-- Living the Christian's life, she died
the Christian's death. She leaves behind to lament er early end, besides
many friends, a devoted husband and seven children.
St. Louis papers please copy.

In the same square is found the obituary of her child: Mace B Nowlin.

32. Julia Spencer nowlin

died in infancy?

33. John Henry nowlin

Birth ad death source: gravestone, Oakville Va.

Eugenia Winifred Watkins

Source: History of virginia vol IV - Virginia Watkins
Source: Nowlin geneology by Lilith mace Nowlin- Eugenia Winifred

35. Mace Bryant nowlin

Obituary from The Lynchburg Virginian, 15 Feb 1847 reads: Died, on
Sunday, the 7th inst. at 4 O'Clock, Mace B. Nowlin, chinld of Capt. Bryant
Nowlin and Ann B. D. Nowlin, just 14 days old, of catarral fever.
Found in same square as obituary of her mother.